Fund Raising

Silver and Gold have I not,
but such as I have, I give unto thee

Trust God to do something bigger
than you can ask or even imagine

He will empower you to raise more than any foundation would grant.

God is calling families in churches around the world to begin adopting orphan children unlike anything in the history of the church. When God calls, He provides.

Sharing with others what you learn from the free materials available on our website will help them appreciate what God has called you to do. But, you must step out in faith by doing whatever you can, trusting God to multiply your efforts. Read about Loaves & Fish and other Fund Raising Miracles.   Next, read John 14:14; James 1:6-8 & 1:22. Then step out in faith and do what God has called you to do.

Most people don't understand the urgent need and biblical basis for adoption, because they have never heard any teaching about adoption. People who understand are far more likely to donate to your adoption fund than those who don't. The free materials available on our Home Page are specifically designed to help you educate others about the urgent need for adoption, and its value as a ministry.

People give to people they know and trust, for causes they believe in. The best thing we can do to help fund your adoption is to help you start an adoption ministry in your home church and community. The best fund raising comes from personal connections, and from friends who personally endorse you to others. It can also come from total strangers who learn about adoption ministry from you - in person. We are constantly asking strangers for donations of used merchandise and cars which we can sell to raise money for adoption.

I can't tell you how many times these strangers who are now friends have said something like, "My what a wonderful thing you are doing, the world needs more people like you!" They are happy to donate things for us to sell, and some also donate money that we didn't ask them for. Many of them have become regular donors.

Lack of understanding about adoption as a ministry is very common, but take courage in knowing that God has already established adoption ministries in hundreds of churches all across America, and He can use you to do the same in your home church. Almost all of these ministries were started by ordinary people who are NOT church leaders, they are simply people like you who share God's heart and passion for orphans.

Adoption ministry brings orphan children into God's family by first bringing them into your family or your church family. It's also about teaching the Body of Christ to assist families they already know with their prayers, finances and whatever it takes to empower those families to adopt. If we help you start an adoption ministry, many families can be empowered to adopt.

Let us help you reach your goals with our free materials and consulting, then you can help us reach our goal to plant adoption ministries in churches around the world. Who knows, perhaps the children you adopt will someday become adoption ministry leaders themselves. We already know adopted children who are planning to do just that!

We welcome your inquiries about adoption ministry and fundraising ideas, and we are here to encourage you and help you overcome the obstacles that deter you from adopting.

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