Dear Home For Good,

Your suggestion to sell candy for Christmas gifts not only gave us a great way to raise money for adoption, but it allowed us to touch hearts and sweet tooths instead of pocketbooks, and God stirred the hearts of others who gave beyond our wildest expectations.

We sold one 8 oz. box of candy to an office manager, and I received a call from one of her co-workers, (Mrs. G) who had sampled the candy and told me she wanted to buy 24 boxes. When I delivered the candy, Mrs. G told me she would share our adoption story with her friend (MR. X) and encourage him to buy our candy to give as Christmas gifts for his clients and employees.

A few weeks later, we were finalizing our adoption plans and called a travel agency to find out exactly how much more money we would need to raise. Seconds after hanging up, our phone rang and the voice on the other end said, "This is Mr. X, We received a box of your candy for Christmas and learned about your desire to adopt. We have been blessed with two adopted daughters and the means to help others. How much do you still need to raise for your adoption expenses?" When I gave him the total, he said, "We can afford that amount, where do I send the check?" Does anyone doubt that adoption is where the heart of God is?

The Newton family and especially a little girl that now has a family will forever be grateful for our candy sale, and for all you've done to help make adoptions possible.

Mr. X was a total stranger who learned about this adoption from the family's loaves and fish activity - in this case a candy sale.

(Newton family with the 2 daughters they adopted)

Newton's new daughter
adopted from China

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